Welcome to Seven Bible Wonders and my name is Michael Hearns and we can have a discussion here on my presentation of unlocking the mystery of the copper scroll. Let me know your views on the findings in the presentation or pose questions, which I will try to answer.

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  1. Dusty Staub
    Dusty Staub says:

    Was there another scroll mentioned or predicted in the copper scroll? If so, then what do you know about it?

    • Michael Hearns
      Michael Hearns says:

      Hi Dusty, Yes the last sentence on the copper scroll told of a duplicate inventory that listed the treasures and measurements item by item. My research has shown that the duplicate inventory was the set of books which became the Old Testament. The scribes had overlaid the indices of a complex calendar on the copper scroll disguising them as the depths to dig in cubits to find specific weight of gold and silver treasures. They also inserted the the indices in disguise in the old Testament. Michael


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